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Don’t Miss These Amazing Local Acts!

Come to the Ottawa Improv Festival to see the stellar improv talent that Ottawa has.

Ottawa Favourites & Festival Veterans

Crush Improv

Founded in 2007, Crush has played just about every stage there is to play in Ottawa. Their 3 on 3 competitive format ‘Bout Time! has been played in 6 different Canadian Cities, and Crush members have played festivals and events from coast to coast to coast, including the 2018 Arctic Comedy Festival in Nunavut this past October. In 2018, Crush won a Canadian Comedy Award for their Tenth Anniversary Special, which was broadcast live from The Gladstone.
You can find them at Yuk Yuks the last Sunday of every Month.

Crush is AL Connors, Des Warmington, Tim Anderson, Dan Lajoie, Kristine Shadid and Jordan Moffatt.


Outtake Improv is Ottawa’s ONLY longform narrative genre troupe. Comprised of misfits, troublemakers, and lawbreakers, they take you on journeys through the eyes of your favourite pop culture properties. From Riverdale, to 1960’s Batman, and even The Great British Bake Off!
Check our their monthly shows at LIVE! on Elgin.

Outtake is Kristine Shadid, Patrice Forbes, Sachin Sinha, Jonas McLean, Zac Duval, Alexander Wozny and Leslie Cserepy.

A Little Awkward

A Little Awkward is made up of three friends who met three years ago in an improv class. We realized we are equally awkward AF but honestly aren’t we all just a little awkward? We use the awkwardness of people’s everyday experiences to inspire our long form narrative improv. A Little Awkward perform regularly in Ottawa and competed in New York City.

For the Fest, A Little Awkward is Melissa Britney, Christina Muehlberger and Hailey Robateau.

Ottawa Duos

Roookie Pepps

Jordan Moffatt is a writer and cyclist by day. Leslie Cserepy is a podcaster and avoids responsibility by night. Together they are Ottawa’s silliest improv duo: Roookie Pepps! Big characters and ridiculous scenarios collapse into each other in a comedic fever dream. What’s Happening? Where Am I?? You’re here. With us. Three O’S. Three P’s. Roookie Pepps!

Twong & Agnes

Twong & Agnes take grounded situations and fill the stage with unique characters switching between them so seamlessly that you might forget there’s only two people on stage.

Twong & Agnes are Tuong La and Angus MacDonald.

University Teams

MI6 Improv

As the university of Ottawa’s official English improv team, MI6 combines comedy, storytelling and just plain strangeness into an explosive show that will make you laugh until they pay off their student debt. That’s a long time!

MI6 Improv is Joanna Mazur, Aamir Sholapur, Zach Boudrahem, Charlie Campbell, Max Waterson, Mar Khorkhordina and Bea Laine.

Carleton Improv Association

The Carleton Improv Association is Carleton’s best (and only) improv team. Their specialty is short-form games, with a hint of long-form narratives when they’re feeling spicy 😉

Carleton Improv Association is Della Woodger, Jake Nevins, Gahen Thanabalasingam, Kevin Truong, and Jenn Colavincenzo.

Nerd Culture

Quest Friends Forever

Return to a world of Fantasy with Quest Friends Forever! With the help of your suggestions, and a the roll of a die, discover a world of Adventure, Epic Battles and maybe even Friendship? It will be hilarious, it will be suspenseful, and it. Will. Be. EPIC!!!

Quest Friends Forever is Rich Hilborn, Matthew Whalley, Nicole Bedford, Angus MacDonald, Gilbert El-Dick, Sarah McKinnon and Leichelle Little.


LitProv creates improvised stories inspired by the work of well-loved authors, from Austen to Atwood. This Ottawa-based ensemble combine their shared loves of improv and great books for a show that will delight the bookworm in everyone.

LitProv is Katrina Westin, Colleen Wang, Deborah Ring, Wynn Quon, Christina Muehlberger, Woody McCadden, Chris Hannay, Chelsea Fahey, Trevor Deley and Claire Biddiscombe.

Rookies of the Year


CLAM is an all-women troupe that emerged from taking classes together at the Improv Embassy. They have lots of fun together and are silly as hell. They have developed a unique format with bizarre characters.

CLAM is Lauren Christina Banks, Maria Corts Puch, Laura Jarescni, Adriana Johnston and Caroline Marrs.

The Lunettes

A quintet of strong, smart and independent women who may not have 20/20 vision, but are clear on what’s funny. They take an ordinary suggestion from the audience and turn it into a high-energy show that combines wild physicality with a truck load of sass and a dash of ridiculous. People often ask, what’s the secret to their great chemistry? Their answer: It’s organic.

The Lunettes are Ranna Bernard, Adele Dickson, Aden Dur-e-Aden, Alex Keenan and Kate Yule.

The Cardigans

Not THOSE Cardigans. The Cardigans are one of the newest teams in the Ottawa improv community. Born out of the Improv Embassy’s student team program, The Cardigans are a motley crew of improvisers.

The Cardigans are Matt Seely, Wynn Quon, Jason Dai, John Kavcic and Jeremy Hedges.